How Trampoline Accessories can Double Up the Fun

Kids automatically love trampolines but the fun out of it can be doubled if you add on trampoline accessories to the toy itself. These accessories do not just add up enjoyment value to the trampoline but also boost the safety around the obstacle while kids are playing with it. There are actually 2 types of best trampoline accessories. The first type are jumping accessories that can help boost the trajectory of the user and as well as increase the play value when using the trampoline while the second one are safety accessories that promote safety precautions for its players.


Safety Accessories

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), accidents surrounding trampolines were at the highest point during 1998 because that was before safety accessories were created for trampolines. A year after that, the safety net was introduced and other safety accessories soon followed then the injury rates dropped significantly by that time. Safety accessories should be the first thing that trampoline owners should secure upon purchase of the trampoline. Aside from safety nets and other forms of safety enclosure, there are also anchors, ladders, protective blankets and foams.

Jumper Accessories

When it comes to improvising the play experience of a standard trampoline then you would have to need jumper accessories in order to achieve that. Jumper accessories do not only focus on increasing the bounce or jump experienced by the user but they also improve other aspects of the trampoline so that the user can be able to do more out of the obstacle. One of the most common jumper accessories is the customized spring that can improve the bounce experienced by users. Longer spring coil can provide more power that can send off the jumper to a much higher vertical jump compared to regular trampoline springs. Other jumper accessories are basketball kits, misting systems, game kits, tents etc.

The Bottom Line

The trampoline alone is already a stand-alone obstacle that can be used for games or fitness purposes. However, if you add more accessories to it then the purpose of the obstacle is maximized and the fun experienced out of it can be doubled. You do not really have to purchase all of the accessories available but you just have to settle with the ones that you need the most and make sure that they fit in right on to your budge

Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis

There are many things one has to consider when it comes to the quality of water coming out of your faucets, and the water which you would use on a regular basis. (Water Softener Reviews) enables you to know the important things you have to consider and keep in mind for your water system.

Beyond just hardness and softness of water, another main area of concern are the bacteria and other impurities which the water may carry along as it travels to your pipes, and to your faucets at home. If not taken any action, the water which you may drink from your faucet could be filled with harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, coliform bacteria, and amoeba.

Water Softener

Once you get infected with any of these microorganisms, chances are, you would get terribly sick and experience indigestion and diarrhoea, which when left unattended, could result to dehydration, and eventually, even death.

This is one incident which Reverse Osmosis could prevent from happening. While not all bacteria could be removed by this process, chances are, a lot of them could still be, depending on how big they are, and on how large the size of the holes there are in the membranes.

Reverse Osmosis Mechanism

When it comes to dissolved salts, as much as 99% of these could be removed. Reverse Osmosis makes use of a pump which induces high pressure on the untreated side of water, which in turn “pushes” the water into the other side of the osmotic membrane. This process would then result to deionised, demineralized, and desalinated water, as the membrane used for Osmosis would only permit water molecules and other molecules smaller than its holes to go to it.

The water or impurities which are left are called the “concentrate” or “brine” stream, which goes into the drain as it is rejected. The permeate or product water is the one which either undergoes further treatment, or is made available for general use.

The range of contaminants which could be extracted via Reverse Osmosis is rather extensive, as dissolved salts, stray particles, pyrogens, bacteria, and other organisms. This is just as long as these substances have a smaller molecular weight than what the membrane permits to pass through. Sodium, which is commonly used in the ion exchange parts passes through the membranes, which make it a good mechanism for work in conjunction with the water softeners.

Top 3 Best and Worst Films of 2016 (So Far!)

2016 has brought a lot of ups and downs. From infamous deaths to the opening of many trends, we have experienced many things throughout the year that we can never forget. Of course, this includes the best and worst movies as well! We are only in the middle of the year, but there have been many movies that have come out already. From the best to the worst, millions have expressed their love (or hate) for particular films that have become popular because of their reputation.

We take a look at the best and worst movies of 2016 so far (Based on IMDb reviews):


Top 3 Best Movies

  1. Captain America: Civil War – One of the most awaited films since the trailer showed, this shows the alliance and battle between superheroes. Jam packed with a little of every genre in the book, anyone of any age will surely appreciate this film.
  2. Deadpool – A film that made the box office and surpassed ratings, it’s definitely worth the watch with loads of action and comedy included! Plus, you’ll get to see Ryan Reynolds, which is enough of a reason to watch it!
  3. The Conjuring 2 – The horror film that everyone has been talking about since the first one came out, this is definitely the scariest movie of the year so far. With a lot of thrill and suspense, you’ll surely rise from your seat in fright!

Top 3 Worst Movies

  1. God’s Not Dead 2 – While the first movie was a popular one that garnered a lot of positive reviews, the sequel did not fare as well. It seemed like a remake or old copy of the previous film, and because of the sensitive topic regarding Christianity, many people have given their thoughts about it. And it wasn’t good.
  2. Meet The Blacks – A bit inspired by The Purge, this movie is about an African American family that moves to Chicago in search for a better life, only to witness the city’s annual purge. A funny parody, yet corny and not as entertaining as one would expect.
  3. Zoolander 2 – Set 10 years later after its first movie, this is basically about the fashion world and the lives of Derek and Hansel. Many have booed it for its basic concept and cheap knockoff of the first film. It isn’t at all funny and just plain boring, with people only watching it for the cameo appearances of their favorite celebrities.

If you would like to watch these for yourself and see what you have to say about it (After all, it does depend on the person’s perspective!), then you would be able to do so using Showbox. A free app that lets you stream movies and television shows online, you will now be able to watch these movies and more of your favorites through ShowBox. Voice your opinion and start a movie marathon with the top best and worst movies of 2016 with the help of Showbox and its unlimited streaming of high-quality videos!

Weramouse V3: The Planet’s Best Mouse

WeraMouse V3 is the World’s first alternative mouse that recognises that the computer has many more uses today that the keyboard eccentric uses of the past. The Weramouse V3 with patented Micro TouchPad Technology, to place your computer’s cursor where you want it. The WeraMouse V3 frees you from your desk, you can operate your computer from up to 8 meters away, with NO WIRES. Straight up!


  • Patented, minaturized TOUCHPAD coolness to control your cursor
  • Up to 8 meter range.
  • Rechargable, Li-ion battery, with up to 28 hours of use on each charge.
  • 1 ½ hour charge.
  • Charges by USB cable to your computer.
  • No software required
  • Plug in the USB receiver, wait for recognition, and the charged WearMouse is ready
  • No adjustments needed to your computer settings
  • Works in either hand, that is, Right or Left handed
  • Works with all computers with a USB port
  • Works with ALL operating systems, including Apple
  • The perfect browser and gaming mouse!