Xbox Inside: Microsoft reveals what it will show on the stream


Xbox Inside is a series of livestreams (online live broadcasts) where Microsoft presents its plans. The next presentation will take place on Tuesday, April 16 at 17 local time (23 local time).

xbox microsoft conference :)
xbox microsoft conference 🙂

Xbox Inside is a recurring event designed to bring fans of Microsoft console information about the premier games, announcements and other information. During Tuesday’s stream, the company will tell you what plans it has for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), where it will appear.

In addition, Microsoft will also reveal some information about such games as “Rage 2”, the addition to the game “Sea of Thieves” and the action-RPG game “Warhammer: Chaosbane”, which is due to appear in June 2019. In addition, a list of titles will appear, which will work as a backwards compatibility.

The whole will be available for viewing on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer websites.

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