Twitch promoted pornography on the Ninja streamer channel


The well-known Ninja streamer left Twitch for the Microsoft platform Mixer. We don’t know how much money the Redmond giant tempted a young man who was once considered the most popular streamer in the world, but there is a total of up to $ 50 million. The Twitch administration has been trying for some time to promote itself at the departure of Ninjy and in their decisions, according to many Internet users, they go a step too far.

First Twitch decided to display on the Ninjy channel the message “The streamer you’re looking for is in another castle” and to broadcast the most-popular broadcasts of the popular game at the moment – to increase traffic throughout the site. The website used the Ninjy logo, which some raised doubts about the legal aspects of such a move. Things have now gone much further.

Among the streams promoted on the Ninjy channel suddenly appeared … pornographic stream. Publishing this type of content on this platform is strictly prohibited, and yet the transmission worked for several hours, gathering up to 14 thousand viewers at one time and displaying in the first place the list of recommended materials. We do not need to say how much image blow for the streamer could have (or had) this incident. Of course, the content creator after leaving Twitch did not log into his account and had nothing to do with the whole situation. Still, Ninja apologized to the fans for the scandalous event via his Twitter.

Ninja announced that either his Twitch channel will not display self-promotional content on the site, or he will delete his 8-year account. It turns out that Richard Tyler Blevins had previously asked for its closure, but he did not receive a positive response.

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Twitch CEO, Emme Shear, has already apologized for this.