How to download torrents with Vuze client ?


Hey, I’m gonna show you how to download torrents with Vuze client. Like you know torrents are very popular since xx years, probably more than half of internet traffic = torrents. We can download files via torrents with very high speed. In my daily work and if I’m looking for some files on the internet I’m using Vuze torrent client, it is very fast and stable software.

Vuze client screenshot

Vuze support torrent files and magnet links, so first to start download we need to find torrent file, next we need to add this torrent to Vuze which we can do by clicking on menu “File” – > “Open” – > “Torrent File” and in new windows just click on “Add files” button.

Opening torrent on Vuze

after adding file Vuze automatically will start looking for peers and download file. Vuze also support magnet links so instead of adding file, you can paste magnet link and start download.

Another useful option in Vuze is anonymity, Vuze support two anonymous network, Tor and I2p. Both of them for torrent are not so good because downloading will be very slow, but if anonymity is important for us we can configure Vuze to download torrents via Tor. 

When you will add torrent, then click on this torrent and look on bottom tab and select “Privacy”, you will be able to choose download via I2P network or TOR.

Vuze Privacy Options

That’s all for today, thanks for reading and have nice day !

BTW you can download vuze from here

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