How to create bootable disk using Rufus ?


Hey, I will show you how to create bootable disk using Rufus free portable app, easy and fast method if you would like to install new system etc.

Rufus free portable software is completely free to use and you can download rufus from

If you got rufus on your disk, execute it

Rufus for windows

I will make bootable partition of Ubuntu Linux 18.10 desktop AMD64

ubuntu iso file

first Just connect pendrive, and click “Select” button and select ISO image which you would like to write on Pendrive.

partition scheme and target system just leave default like that :

File system you have two options Large Fat and NTFS, large FAT should be ok

you are ready to go, click “START” button

wait few minutes…and done we have bottable ubuntu 18.10 system which we can install from pendrive 🙂 connect pendrive, restart you system and you can start installing fresh new ubuntu 18.10

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