Head of BlackBerry: folded smartphones are completely unnecessary for us


Most of the largest manufacturers of mobile devices are heading towards a new trend – folded smartphones. It turns out that not everyone shares enthusiasm and believe that we need such devices. BlackBerry claims that folded flagships will not be another “big” thing for the smartphone industry. The general manager of the company, John Chen, explains it in two very mundane terms and you can agree with him or not.

The general manager of BlackBerry says that folded smartphones are not right because they are too expensive and above all bulky and uncomfortable to use. John Chen would not recommend these devices to anyone, unless the user would like to be a prototype tester and use equipment that is currently not available.

Huawei Mate X
Huawei Mate X

BlackBerry claims that a real breakthrough will occur in the development of fingerprint readers located directly under the screen, in the face recognition system and in sensors that are able to read data straight from the user’s iris. Currently, only time can show if the president of BlackBerry will be right. There is not a single, foldable smartphone available for sale on the market, which makes it very difficult to assess the demand and interest of users of this type of equipment.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will appear in stores only in May this year, and a moment later on the shelves we will probably see Huawei Mate X – both devices will be limited at first. This is a safe procedure for Koreans and Chinese, which will allow to assess how many people are able to spend a huge amount of money on new, not fully proven technology.

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Is John Chen from BlackBerry right? In part, yes. However, folded smartphones must be produced so that their next generations can repair errors committed by their predecessors.