Google warns: Android smartphones can be remotely hacked. All you need is a PNG image


The openness of Android has its advantages. Unfortunately, it also has a lot of disadvantages – gaps through which hackers can break in. This time the danger lies in displaying the image in PNG format.

Google has announced a dangerous vulnerability through which hackers can hack any device with Android 7.0 or higher. The trick is interesting because it only requires the display of a specially crafted image in PNG format.

The display of the image by our device will result in execution of hidden code, which will allow hackers to take control of our Android Device. The browser will download the crafted image from the website – and from now on hackers can control it. As a result – also they will get access to our passwords and websites visited by us.

The good news from all the fuss is that the vulnerabilities identified as CVE-2019-1986, CVE-2019-1987 and CVE-2019-1988 have already been corrected by Google as part of the February update of Android security. The bad news is that not every phone manufacturer keeps “patrolling” these patches, putting them on their devices with a delay. Therefore, there is still the possibility that our smartphone is at risk – despite the fact that Google has already issued an appropriate fixes.

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