Facebook Messenger will help you avoid mistakes. How to use the new function?


After a long period of testing, Mark Zuckeberg and a team of programmers responsible for the development of Facebook Messenger finally decided to introduce to the application a very useful feature for distracted users. From now on, users of Android and iOS smartphones will be able to undo the message sent – regardless of whether it happened accidentally or deliberately. How exactly does the described option work? Very simply.

Facebook some time ago promised that it will introduce the function of undoing messages sent to all users immediately after it turned out that this type of options can be used by selected people working directly in Facebook. The programmers decided to reflect and make the mentioned option not “exclusive”.

New tools will make typos and messages to the wrong person and other mistakes go away. However, undoing the sent message does not completely disappear from the recipient’s screen. After removing the irregularities, a special marker will appear in the chat window indicating that the item has been removed. Fortunately, you will not be able to look at it or use a different form of history.

How to use this?

So how do you use the new function in Facebook Messenger? Very simply. After sending the message, just touch it and choose one of two options: delete for me or delete for everyone. The first of them will cause that we will not see what we have sent, but the recipient will still have access to the content, and the other will of course cause the material to disappear throughout the conversation. Interestingly, the social networking site will allow you to report messages even after it has been deleted – if you had the opportunity to see and read it before.

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The Facebook Messenger update is currently in stages. The function will be available gradually for people using web browsers and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Let me know if you already have this option on your equipment.