Co-founder of WhatsApp encourages you to delete your Facebook account


WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in 2014 for the “only” 19 billion dollars. Brian Acton, co-founder of the title service, when speaking at Stanford University, said that the decision to “get rid of” WhatsApp was terrible and encouraged students to delete their Facebook account.

For several years, Brian has not spoken favorably about the path followed by giants like Facebook and Google and practically all companies located in Silicon Valley. Now, however, he went a step further and during the BA study he told not only the entire sale history of his application, but also sincerely regretted that step.

I had 50 employees and I just had to think about them as well as about the money that they could earn from this sale. I had to think about our investors as well as our own future.

Brian Acton

Brian Acton became a billionaire thanks to this huge deal, but he still does not avoid giving negative feedback on Facebook. He repeatedly opposed the introduction of advertisements on the platform and the approach to users’ data and their privacy.

The students at Stanford University were very surprised when Brian said that by using Facebook we are giving the company strength and without asking any questions we buy its products and sign up using it on various pages, he said after that – “Delete Facebook”, okay?

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