Chat from Messenger will come back to Facebook? You already know how it could look


Users of mobile Facebook, who waiting for the possibility of chatting from the level of one application, should closely watch the development of the messenger in the coming weeks. As she pointed out “Jane Manchun Wong” on Twitter, someone found and launched an inaccessible mode of integration with Messenger in the “Messenger” application.

This is undoubtedly a harbinger of a return to the idea from many years ago, when it was possible to quickly pass from the Facebook level to the chat rooms without having to manually launch the Messeger. Currently, regular users, however, are not able to test the feature described. According to Wong, after launching the hidden option, the Messenger icon appears in the Facebook mobile interface, clicking on which displays a preview of the chat.

For now, it’s just a simplified version of the messenger. It is possible here to send text messages and GIFs, but this functionality ends basically. People who are accustomed to “reacting” to messages, sending stickers, managing relationships, or making voice calls will still have to use Messenger as a separate application. The full version of the application will probably have to be run in order to send direct responses to messages or delete those that have been sent by accident.

At the moment, it is not known when the integration of Facebook with Messenger would be made available to all users. It is possible that this process will take a few weeks, if not months. You can also expect that even when a function hits the market, not all users will get access to it at any one time.

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