20 dollars a month? They sell their entire privacy to Facebook for $20


Outrageous? Disgusting? Perhaps – but apparently works. For twenty dollars a month, people decided to give Facebook all the data about their device and online activity.

Many things have been written about unflattering things about Facebook, as well as one of the most important currencies of present times: data that users pay for services, recognizing them as “free”. Half-jokingly, half-seriously, we are constantly talking about selling our privacy to technological giants. It turns out, however, that there are many users in the world who value their entire privacy for … twenty dollars a month. Because that’s what Facebook paid them for the ability to collect all the information that scrolled through their devices. For me: not imaginable, but apparently hundreds of people have recognized that this is an opportunity of life.

Information from the last Tech Crunch report is frightening, but this is not a joke – Facebook itself confirmed the existence of such a program. Twenty dollars a month were received by users aged thirteen to twenty-five who agreed to install on their smartphones (both iOS and Android on board) Facebook Research applications. This one dealt with monitoring their devices and online activities – and all data was immediately relayed to the giant. This program requires users to install a custom root certificate that allows applications to … literally everything. It has access to private messages, e-mail content, searches on the web and all of its activity. What’s more: it is brazen enough that it even asks users to take snapshots of Amazon’s order history and send them to the administration.

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The case gets so much interesting that the program clearly violates the terms of use of Apple services related to access to the iPhone. The certificates on which Facebook Research is based exist for business purposes – that the employer would have access to the employees’ work equipment. Facebook, however, deny any abuses, although at the moment I do not want to say how it does not do it.

This is another repulsive Facebook practice that should make people turn their backs on it – but as the wave of last year’s information on abuses has shown, it is not so simple and obvious. Although there are countries where people are deleting accounts, and although I would like to believe that this is the beginning of the revolution, I would be more cautious about it. As you can see, twenty dollars a month can do wonders …