10 tricks that will make it easier to work with Windows 7


Windows 7 is still very popular. Some people still have some concerns and wonder if all the functions and tricks they used in previous versions of the system will work here. If you still have such doubts, take a look at the list below and check how to adapt the new OS to your needs.

Disk defragment command in the context menu

If we want to quickly defragment one of the disks on our computer, we can do it by selecting the appropriate command in the context menu. First, however, you need to add them, so you have to look in the registry and modify it slightly.

Go to the registry editor and find the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDriveshell. Now we create a new entry, which we will call “runas”. Then modify the default and enter in the
data field “Defragment” . Finally, create a key named “command” (remember to put it in “runas”) and add defrag% 1 -v in the Data section.

Shortcuts to the buttons for restarting, shutting down the system, etc.

Users are constantly looking for ways to make working with the computer easier. One of them is to create shortcuts on the desktop, eg to block the system. Although it can be done with the help of the Windows + L key combination, some people prefer to do it with the mouse.

This method requires creating a shortcut. Click on the desktop with the right mouse button and select New-> Shortcut. Enter the appropriate command (from the list below) and click Next. Finally, do not forget to enter the proper name. Here are the commands:

  • computer shutdown: Shutdown.exe -s -t 00
  • system restart: Shutdown.exe -r -t 00
  • computer lock: Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation
  • hibernation: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState
  • Sleep: rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

Button to enable or disable icons on the desktop

After setting the cursor on the desktop and pressing the right mouse button, select View-> Show desktop icon. In this way, we can hide and restore icons on the desktop. We will achieve the same effect in a simpler way using the HideDesktopIcons application.

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After downloading the program, you can drag it to the quick launch bar. Then, click on the PPM and select Properties and then the Shortcut tab. At this point, we can assign a keyboard shortcut to the application, eg ctrl + alt + u. In this way, we get rid of the need to bother with clicking, and the icons are hidden with a simple key combination.

Turning off the Aero

If you want your equipment to work faster, remember that it will help you disable Aero. This is especially true for slower machines. Unfortunately, in return for improving the system’s performance, we will get a worse appearance, but the choice should not be difficult.

Disabling Aero in Windows 7 looks just like in Vista. Right-click on the desktop, select the Personalize option, and then Color and window appearance -> Open classic appearance properties for larger color options settings. In the next window choose the appropriate theme and done..

Install the ISO image

This is not a trick, but a tip telling you which programs should be on the disk. Sometimes we can not fire, for example, dvd, because we only have a picture of the file. So let’s think about installing an application that will allow us to run them. The choice is really big, and the most popular programs of this type are:

  • Virtual Clone Drive
  • Alcohol 52%
  • Daemon Tools
  • After installing one of them, we will be able to run files with the extension .ISO, .CCD, .DVD, .IMG, .UDF and .BIN.

Let’s get rid of unnecessary gadgets

Not everyone likes to use gadgets – one is simply not needed, and others do not want to burden the system with unnecessary toys. In the right-click context menu, we find the Gadgets option, which may disturb us.

To get rid of this command, go to the Control Panel and look for the Programs section. We find in it Enable or disable Windows features. In the new window we’re looking for Windows gadgets and uncheck them, then click OK.

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Disabling remote UAC

Local drives available when the system boots up are automatically provided as C $, D $, etc. Although they are visible, no one (even a person in the Administrators group) will be able to access them.

The UAC mechanism is responsible for this. It can be turned off, which will simplify the work of administrators, but at the same time reduce security. Let’s move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem, and then create a DWORD and name it (LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy) and value 1.

In this way UAC was turned off (C $ works). If we want to turn it back on, we only change the value from 1 to 0.

Automatic login

If you are bothering about having to re-enter your password after each computer restart, then you can start the automatic login function. Go to Start and enter “netplwiz” in the search field, then press Enter.

In the new window, deselect the option to enter a password and login and confirm the changes by clicking Apply. The login window will open. Enter the required data in it and finish with OK.

XP mode

Probably some programs that worked without any problems under Windows XP will have problems with “seven”. Microsoft added the XP mode to prevent this. We run it by right-clicking the .exe file (responsible for firing the application) and selecting Preferences.

We go to the Compatibility tab and adapt individual options depending on which application we use. In the case of video games, you will often need to tick the command Run this program as administrator.

Add toolbars with folders

In previous versions of Windows, we could easily create a toolbar in which any folder was located. In the latest installment of the system, we will also do it.

Just place the cursor on the taskbar and press the right mouse button. From the drop down menu, select the toolbar-> new toolbar. Select, for example, Computer and click on the Select Folder button. We check if the new toolbar appeared on the taskbar – if we did everything correctly.