Top 3 Best and Worst Films of 2016 (So Far!)

2016 has brought a lot of ups and downs. From infamous deaths to the opening of many trends, we have experienced many things throughout the year that we can never forget. Of course, this includes the best and worst movies as well! We are only in the middle of the year, but there have been many movies that have come out already. From the best to the worst, millions have expressed their love (or hate) for particular films that have become popular because of their reputation.

We take a look at the best and worst movies of 2016 so far (Based on IMDb reviews):


Top 3 Best Movies

  1. Captain America: Civil War – One of the most awaited films since the trailer showed, this shows the alliance and battle between superheroes. Jam packed with a little of every genre in the book, anyone of any age will surely appreciate this film.
  2. Deadpool – A film that made the box office and surpassed ratings, it’s definitely worth the watch with loads of action and comedy included! Plus, you’ll get to see Ryan Reynolds, which is enough of a reason to watch it!
  3. The Conjuring 2 – The horror film that everyone has been talking about since the first one came out, this is definitely the scariest movie of the year so far. With a lot of thrill and suspense, you’ll surely rise from your seat in fright!

Top 3 Worst Movies

  1. God’s Not Dead 2 – While the first movie was a popular one that garnered a lot of positive reviews, the sequel did not fare as well. It seemed like a remake or old copy of the previous film, and because of the sensitive topic regarding Christianity, many people have given their thoughts about it. And it wasn’t good.
  2. Meet The Blacks – A bit inspired by The Purge, this movie is about an African American family that moves to Chicago in search for a better life, only to witness the city’s annual purge. A funny parody, yet corny and not as entertaining as one would expect.
  3. Zoolander 2 – Set 10 years later after its first movie, this is basically about the fashion world and the lives of Derek and Hansel. Many have booed it for its basic concept and cheap knockoff of the first film. It isn’t at all funny and just plain boring, with people only watching it for the cameo appearances of their favorite celebrities.

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